Our ESG Responsibility

Our commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is core to our values.


Compass leads the way in ESG management through consistent adaptation of best practices and incorporating these ideals into our everyday decision making. We know from experience that farming is a practice of working with the land, the waterways, the animals, and our people in harmony to simultaneously driving a profitable farming business.

Our ESG philosophy prioritises the well-being and longevity of our land and water, our people, and our animals.

Environmental Land and Water Practices

We set the example for managing the environmental resources on our own managed assets, so we can help clients do the same on theirs.
Our critical environmental management practices and risk analyses include regular attention and review of:

  • Water movement and nutrient levels
  • Agronomic practices
  • Vegetation and biomass

People Management Practices

With a proud history of being an Employer of Choice, we know that providing a safe and positive work environment for our teams and the communities in which we work drives the collective future for the industry. We actively work with clients to align with these standards.

People management practices and risk analysis are conducted on the following:

  • Source and retain experienced and qualified staff
  • Safety minded working environments and teams
  • Investment in training, development and growth
  • Robust human resource policies and procedures

Animal Management Practices

Maintaining animal welfare to the highest standard is key to the success of our managed farms, and we promote this same level of standard amongst our clients.

Animal management practices focus on maximising:

  • Nutrient dense diet in line with animal needs
  • Access to clean drinking water at all times
  • Complete animal health and wellbeing
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