45 South Grazing

45 South Grazing – New Zealand Grazing Opportunities.

Grazing has become an integral part of many enterprises in the changing farming world that we are now operating in.


Here at Compass Agribusiness, we have established a specialist grazing management business (45 South Grazing Ltd) to provide a sustainable grazing implementation and management option for farmers.

At 45 South we can provide a bespoke, collaborative, solutions-based model for Graziers and Stock owners. From implementation to stock monitoring and monthly invoicing we will manage the process to meet the needs of our customers.

Areas such as environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and a strong network will be critical to the future of grazing in New Zealand. Access to specialists in these areas within the broader Compass team offers grazers and stock owners access to a unique robust model providing confidence within a very challenging environment.


Contact 45 South

  • Discuss grazing requirements / opportunity
  • Farm visit and feed budgets to establish scope
  • Grazing options provided and discussed; rate agreed
  • Grazier and stock owner meeting initiated, clear expectations discussed and documented

Grazing Invoicing

  • 45 South provide an in-house system to manage invoicing and monitor payments being received on time
  • Payment terms
    – Payment is due from Stock Owners 10 days from receiving an invoice
    – Payment will be made to Graziers 14 days from receiving an invoice – subject to receiving payment from the stock owner.

Grazing Contracts

Legally binding contract provided that protects the parties involved, sets expectations, provides payment terms and provision for dispute resolution.

Contracts must be completed prior to grazing commencing.

Weighing, Monitoring and Animal Health

  • Heifers to be inspected monthly – ideally prior to invoicing, with a written report to both the grazier and stock owner
  • Cows to be inspected weekly – ideally prior to invoicing, with a written report to both the grazier and stock owner
  • Weighing and Animal health plans to be negotiated at commencement of agreement, with terms to be recorded in the contract

Post Exit Review

45 South will facilitate meeting between stock owner and grazer to review performance and discuss ongoing business

For more information contact info@compassagri.com